WELCOME to the world of hamtech(patent pending)

The sports world must face the confinement linked to (covid-19) and its consequences.

Here is how Human Kinematic can help help large sports institutions to reduce the risk of injury and participate in performance:

A precise measurement and analysis of the muscle function of the hamstrings,
Screening of athletes at risk,
Assistance in training orientation,
Effective risk reduction protocols,
An increase in the availability of athletes during the season …developed to help athletes perform throughout the season.

proud to have been chosen by major institutions

1. Hamtech functions

The ultimate tool for the hamstrings

  • Contraction mode, isometric, eccentric.
  • Innovative functional movement, mono-articular and bi-articular
  • Bilateral and Unilateral work
  • Work has large or small muscle lengths
  • Variable load by assistance and additional weight

Safe use thanks to its anatomical frame

  • Secure knees, no hyper-extension
  • Sub-max, max and supra-max loads
  • Range of motion variable

2. Goal of the Hamtech

Prevent, manage injuries and optimize performance

  • Prevent injuries from sprint and overstretch mechanisms
  • Preventing the risk of LCA in the knee and the risk of low back pain
  • Optimize the management of the injury and the RTP
  • Limited primary risk, and reccurence
  • Optimize training

exercises with unique kinematics and closer to the field

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Lab functions


  • Easy non-invasive test
  • Strength deficit
  • Fatigue monitoring
  • Unilateral and bilateral condition
  • 1RM eccentric torque
  • MVIC and RFD isometric, non-damaging
  • Reproducibility of measurement conditions
  • Fréquency of acquisition: 1000hz

Unilateral test for better discrimination

3. Hamstring injuries in numbers

The first cause of injury in the football player

  • 6,5 injuries on average by team / season
  • Average missed game count / player: 4.8 games
  • Reccurence rate in the season: 25%
  • Players with a first injury are: 5X more risk to reccurence

Hamtech integrate the latest scientific advances and becomes the ultimate land tool for the hamstrings

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