WELCOME to the world of hamtech(patent pending)

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JB Morin, PhD Labotory LIBM

This innovation will serve us for 3 things ”

1. Evaluate the function of the hamstrings either in research protocols and also for athlete monitoring in particular at IRMIS (Institute for Research and Medicine and Sports Engineering) with footballers in particular. 2. Train the hamstrings with strengthening protocols. 3. Monitoring of prevention and rehabilitation within the sports medicine service in a global strategy that combines performance and injury prevention.

Bruno Marrier, PhD, AS Monaco Sport Scientist

“ Hamtech represents a new piece of the puzzle for us in our injury prevention strategy. This innovation meets high-level requirements and opens up new perspectives for us ”

1. Hamtech

The ultimate tool for the hamstrings


  • Contraction mode, isometric, eccentric.
  • Innovative functional movement, mono-articular and bi-articular
  • Bilateral and Unilateral work
  • Work has large or small muscle lengths
  • Variable load by assistance and additional weight

Safe use thanks to its anatomical frame

  • Secure knees, no hyper-extension
  • Sub-max, max and supra-max loads
  • Range of motion variable

2. Goal of the Hamtech

Prevent, manage injuries and optimize performance

  • Prevent injuries from sprint and overstretch mechanisms
  • Preventing the risk of LCA in the knee and the risk of low back pain
  • Optimize the management of the injury and the RTP
  • Limited primary risk, and reccurence
  • Optimize training

exercises with unique kinematics and closer to the field

Late swing 25m

Full article

new test and training protocols

  • Isometric, Eccentric, Concentric « Contraction Mode »
  • Monitoring Fatigue
  • Muscle Strength Profil™
  • Software and Cloud Analytics

Unilateral test for better discrimination


Effective and efficient

Essential information for members of technical and medical staff!

Our expertise simplifies the orientation and individualization of training, and makes it possible to make the right choices at the right times.

rapport de test

Hamtech integrate the latest scientific advances and becomes the ultimate land tool for the hamstrings

Give yourself the means

MEASURE and monitoring


TRAINING and Rehab

Reduce the risk of injury

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