WELCOME to the world of hamtech

We are proud to announce after 6 years of research and development that the Hamtech (patent pending)!

A big thank-you

proud to have been chosen by major institutions

1. Hamtech functions

The ultimate tool for the hamstrings

  • Contraction mode, isometric, eccentric.
  • Innovative functional movement, mono-articular and bi-articular
  • Bilateral and Unilateral work
  • Work has large or small muscle lengths
  • Variable load by assistance and additional weight

Safe use thanks to its anatomical frame

  • Secure knees, no hyper-extension
  • Sub-max, max and supra-max loads
  • Range of motion variable

2. Goal of the Hamtech

Prevent, manage injuries and optimize performance

  • Prevent injuries from sprint and overstretch mechanisms
  • Preventing the risk of LCA in the knee and the risk of low back pain
  • Optimize the management of the injury and the RTP
  • Limited primary risk, and reccurence
  • Optimize training

exercises with unique kinematics and closer to the field

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Lab functions


  • Easy non-invasive test
  • Strength deficit
  • Fatigue monitoring
  • Unilateral and bilateral condition
  • 1RM eccentric torque
  • MVIC and RFD isometric, non-damaging
  • Reproducibility of measurement conditions
  • Fréquency of acquisition: 1000hz

Unilateral test for better discrimination

3. Hamstring injuries in numbers

The first cause of injury in the football player

  • 6,5 injuries on average by team / season
  • Average missed game count / player: 4.8 games
  • Reccurence rate in the season: 25%
  • Players with a first injury are: 5X more risk to reccurence

Hamtech integrate the latest scientific advances and becomes the ultimate land tool for the hamstrings

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